How might we leverage our innovative technology to generate additional new business if the automotive industry rapidly transforms to electric vehicles?



Challenge Brief

At HENN, we produce high-tech hose connection systems for intercooler (depending on engines) and coolant (independent on engines) systems for the automotive industry. Our clients include the who’s who of the automotive industry from BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler, Porsche, GM, Renault, Jaguar to Volvo. We serve as a link between the suppliers of system components and the end customer. HENN also manufactures the automatic assembly machines necessary for the crimping operation along with the customized software.

While our core business in automotive diesel and gasoline engines is strong, we anticipate changes. The automotive industry is transforming with electric vehicles quickly on the rise. Significant sales of electrified vehicles will dramatically reshape how we compete and operate. What if tomorrow all vehicles are pure electronic? We’d lose substantial business. It’s a safe bet that consumers will eventually swap their gas-powered cars and trucks for rechargeable models. Sooner or later it could be that  electrified vehicles will take off and we want to be ready sooner than later.


We invite you to imagine how we can leverage our core competency. Which new products can we create with our technology? In which industries can we connect parts that are similar to the automotive industry? How can we stay relevant in an age of all electric vehicles? Which business models do we need to design? Could we offer our process and technology expertise as a service?


We are excited to see your ideas for how we might leverage our innovative technology to new things if the automotive industry rapidly transforms to pure electric vehicles.


Here is a list of our core competencies:

  • highly knowable in the development of quick connectors (materials, sealing, coatings, production processes, …), resonators and        crimping machines.
  • high level of quality assurance (we know the processes and therefore we know what kind of issues may occur and make                    appropriate countermeasures to prevent the problem)
  • fully automated assembly line for quick connectors (we know how to define assembly lines with camera technique, eddy                    current test, insertion force measurement, …)
  • proficient to concatenate processes (product with DMC, crimping tool and machine, software)
  • Proficient and experience to crimp of nearly each possible material (elastomer, plastic, metal)
  • automation (crimping machine and assembly lines), engineering, software sensors and electronic know how
  • Extensive test equipment and experience (developing, validation and monitoring of serial production)
  • troubleshooting / solution orientation
  • all-in-one supplier (coupling, machine, process, software, know-how, solutions, application)
  • standardized products (high amount, low price)
  • direct and short supply chain


Collaboration Incentive

If you decide to participate in our Innovation task we offer you an intensive collaboration with our most experienced people to further develop the idea. We are willing to invest in you in the sense of dedicated project budgets and finally offer you an interesting job with HENN in a young and dynamic team.