Why become a company partner

Open up your innovation efforts to co-create new products, services and business models with external innovators. The InnoDays accelerate your innovation efforts by surfacing questions, building prototypes to learn and moving them closer to market.

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Innovative ideas

Get fresh ideas by opening up your innovation efforts to co-create new products, services and business models with external innovators.

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Concrete prototypes

There’s no shortage of new ideas. But ideas are worthless without execution. Receive tangible prototypes for your challenges from multiple teams

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Access to talent

Identify the best participants to collaborate or hire. By mentoring the teams you will see who is a good fit for your needs.

How it works


📋 Workshop to frame your innovation challenge

📄 Support to write challenge brief

🎬 Receive several video pitch ideas to select from


👥 Minimum of 4 teams (> 15 participants) tackling your challenge

🧑‍🏫 Exchange insights during mentoring

💡 Evaluate solutions during prototype expo


📊 Outcome documentation with all ideas

🧑‍💻 Opportunity to hire or collaborate with best participants

📈 Debrief and coaching on implementation paths

You are in good company



Why should we become a company partner?

The InnoDays are a powerful vehicle to bring smart, qualified people into a venue for a multitude of opportunities. Opening up your innovation efforts, recruiting, marketing opportunities, networking, product showcases, enhancing community relations and making ideas happen: these are but a few of the many reasons to participate.

What is my role as a company partner?

Company partners propose an innovation challenge. During the event you are expected to listen to the pitches on Day 1, work with the teams as a mentor on Day 2 and evaluate the prototypes on Day 3. You are asked to provide a collaboration incentive.

What kind of innovation can we expect?

You will identify innovation opportunities. The InnoDays support you in opening up your innovation efforts to co-create new products and services with external innovators.  During the event you will hear many ideas, learn from the teams and receive at least two prototypes. The actual outcome depends on different factors like the challenge, your instructions, the participants or teams that form around your challenge.  Our workshops before and after the event guide you through the whole process. However, our open format makes predicting outcomes difficult. We guarantee you that you will be inspired by the results. If you are not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay.

What are the costs for company partners?

We ask for a fee to contribute to our costs of organizing the event. The fee depends on the event. In addition we expect you to offer a collaboration incentives that attract participants to your challenge and motivate the best teams to continue working with you beyond the InnoDays. Sample incentives are paid internships, customer development trips, company workshops or paid pilot projects.

What do we receive in return to the fee?

You can receive a workshop to define your innovation challenge (face-to-face or online) before the InnoDays. During the event you will hear many ideas, learn from the teams and receive at least two prototypes. You will receive all pitch decks and contact information of the teams in your category. We offer a follow-up workshop on how to foster startup-driven innovation after the InnoDays. Furthermore, you are included in the InnoDays communication material. The event offers you different promotion opportunities. We  support you to showcase the opportunities your organization offers for startups and companies.

How do participants prepare for the event?

We help prepare the participants with an online companion and classes to understand your challenge and refine their ideas. We encourage you to interact in the closed Facebook group to provide early input on the ideas generated. Please share relevant information with the participants to equip them with the knowledge necessary to tackle your challenge.

Which language is spoken during the Innovation Days?

The main language is English.  For events in non-English speaking countries, the opening and closing parts will be in the native language and some company partners or mentors might choose their first language. You are free to pitch in English, make that the official language of your team and speak English while you showcase your prototype. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the InnoDays Team.

What is my commitment as a company partner?

Challenge: We’ll work with you to form your challenge and your video which attracts the perfect participants to fit your company’s specific needs.

Time: At the event, you should join the idea pitches at Day 1 (1 hour), mentor your teams on Day 2 (2 hours) and evaluate the prototypes on Day 3 (2 hours). Usually, most partners are staying longer as they really enjoy the event.

Corporate Incentive: The incentive supports the development of your ideas after the event. Take this chance to implement the prototypes.

Fee: We ask for a fee to contribute to our costs of organizing the event

What companies have already participated?

We worked with a range of companies from global corporations like Swarovski, Sony, Volvo Cars or trivago, to SME’s and startups. You can browse through prior challenges here.

Who should be present during the Innovation Days?

We suggest to involve all relevant people. From the top level with decision power to managers who are working on relevant projects. At the minimum one company representative should be at the pitches on Day 1, mentor on Day 2 and evaluate the prototypes on Day 3.

How do we become a company partner?

Please get in touch if you are interested in an event via email (hello@innodays.org). If you would like to define the theme of an event or run your own event with employees and/or external innovators, let’s talk!

Are there other opportunities to get involved besides being a company partner?

Sponsoring an event is a good way to get exposure to relevant people.

If you are part of a small company without the resources to participate, one option might be to form a consortium with other companies. We are happy to help you, so let us know!

What are the terms of participation?

Please take a look at the terms.

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