Open Source Ecology Germany e.V.

Open Source Ecology Germany e.V.

How might we create a developer platform that brings together users and developers of open source hardware that is 100 % open source, intuitive to use and allows constructive feedback?


Challenge Brief

There is no such thing as github for open source hardware. And github doesn’t work for computer newbies.

The target group consists of

  • Users (not familiar with IT and barely interested in technical documentation; universities and NGOs can be users as well) and
  • Developers (engineers, tinkerer, software developers, …).


Further requirements for the platform include

  • a beautiful interface that enables users to find a specific solution for a problem/need that they have,
  • data management for developers (with versioning) for editable development files (CAD, codes for control units, tables, descriptions, graphics, …),
  • a system for issue- and bug-tracking (for users and developers).

Mediawiki provides a great base for that. It’s

  • open source,
  • runs on any major platform (Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, …),
  • very scalable and stable also for very large data and high traffic,
  • combinable with a large amount of extensions available.

However, it’s not clear which exact tools should be combined and which parts may need to be developed first.



Collaboration Incentive

We prefer heterarchies. If you have a great idea and a meaningful plan, you will get all the access, tools, partners and contacts you need from us. We work in an international network of open source collectives, companies, universities and federal agencies. Our project management is waiting for you. Of course, we can also arrange an internship for you. Whether you will be paid for it  or not depends on your tasks and working hours.