Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi: Scooter Power

How might we design a viable scooter charging system?

Challenge Brief

Adoption rates of dockless electric scooters are quickly accelerating. The scooters, which are rented via a smartphone app and can be picked up and dropped off anywhere in a given city, are a fun and convenient new transit option for congested metro areas. However, the infrastructure and the mechanisms to make the distributed system work effectively are lagging behind. Today, charging the scooters is inefficient. Individuals (juicers for Lime, chargers for Bird, Rangers for Skip…) need to pick up the scooters in their private cars (often inefficient gas-powered trucks) at night, bring them home to charge overnight and drive to dedicated places to release them the next day. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi believes there’s a better way. How might we design a viable scooter system? We created ‘Dairy’, a device to charge scooters from an Electric Vehicle. How can this device contribute to the scooter infrastructure needed to provide a community-focused, people and environmentally friendly mobility solution? How can our charging device be integrated with people’s life to support a low-footprint infrastructure? How might the business model of the scooter power device ‘Dairy’ look like?


Join us to shape the future of micro-mobility and contribute to the viability of e-scooters as a beneficial, zero emissions, low-footprint transportation mode.


Collaboration Incentive

The best team will be rewarded with a surprise price. In addition, we invite the most motivated and talented participants for a behind the scenes tour of our Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Innovation Lab and a discussion of how to take your idea to the next level.


San Francisco 2019