Innovation Days Rheintal Recap

Innovation Days Rheintal Recap

Inaugural Innovation Days Rheintal tackled challenges to #ReimagineTomorrowTogether

The Innovation Days Rheintal 2018 took place at the Spielboden in Dornbirn (AT) from November 21-23 in partnership with the Rhomberg Group, WISTO, V-start and Austria Wirtschaftsservice. Over 95 participants from FH Vorarlberg, MCI Management Center Innsbruck, HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, Zeppelin Universität, HTL Bregenz, HTL Dornbirn, Bezauer Wirtschaftsschulen and Start Vaduz tackled innovation challenges related to shifts in regional competitiveness, ever-changing consumer trends for beverages, improvements in waste management for households and transformations in the automotive sector.

The four company partners framed crucial challenges.

Rhomberg Group: “How might we attract skilled workers (tech & digital) to join Rhine Valley companies and support them at best during the relocation process?”

Rauch Fruchtsäfte: “How might we reimagine the fruit juice experience of the future?”

HENN: “How might we leverage our innovative technology to generate additional new business if the automotive industry rapidly transforms to electric vehicles?”

Julius Blum: “How might we design and enhance the functionality of a future proof waste management system for the household and the kitchen?”

On the first day, participants pitched their ideas and teamed up. Projects varied in nature and scope from a delocalized campus to form skilled workers to an app for customized juices, and several physical prototypes of waste management solutions. The participants received mentoring from high-profile companies and startup experts including Smart City Dornbirn, Business Labs, HYVE, Playroom, V-Labs, Startupland, Digitale Initiativen and many others. During the 48 hours, participants mingled with company representatives and mentors during networking lunches and dinners, which presented a unique opportunity to get feedback on their projects. Expert feedback was valuable to improve the solutions under development at each iteration.

The final solutions were showcased during the prototype expo, which was attended by over 100 visitors. Company partners and mentors evaluated each solution and tackled the daunting task of choosing the best ones. Finally, one winner per category was announced. “Change of Mindset”, a talent acquisition plan to the Rhine Valley won the Rhomberg category. “Saftautomat”, an automatic juice dispenser to reduce plastic waste from bottles was the winner in the Rauch category. The HENN challenge winners is “Henn Next”, a technology application to aid sustainable farming. “Blowing Rubbish”, a separate trash collection system was selected as the top solution in the Blum category.

Two additional teams were awarded special prizes. “Küche meiner freundin”, a waste compactor solution will have the possibility to realize three iterations of their prototype with 1zu1 Prototypen. Visitors voted for “Omnipress”, a kitchen space optimizer, as their favorite idea for which they received the 2017-2018 look-book from Schindler Creations.

Winning teams get support from the partners to make their idea happen. Hopefully, many participants are eager to pilot their ideas. Follow-up workshops will be organized in the next weeks.

Thanks to our company partners, to our education partners, to our mentors and to our event team: moderator Heidi Winsauer, illustrator Nicole Berti, photographer Michael Siblik and video recorder Noah Insam. We hope to see you next year at the Innovation Days Rheintal 2019!


4 companies: Rhomberg Group, Rauch Fruchtsäfte, HENN and Blum

5 partners: Rhomberg Group, WISTO, Chancenland Vorarlberg, V-start, and Austria Wirtschaftsservice
95+ participants: from MCI Management Center Innsbruck, FH Vorarlberg, HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, HTL Bregenz, HTL Dornbirn, Zeppelin Universität, Bezauer Wirtschaftsschulen and Start Vaduz
25 ideas pitched
17 teams formed
30+ Mentors
from Smart City Dornbirn, Business Labs, HYVE, Playroom, V-Labs, Startupland, Digitale Initiativen, 1zu1 Prototypen and many others!

For more information about the Innovation Days Rheintal visit our event website.

Photos can be downloaded here.

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