Innovation Days Salzburg

Digital technology transforms our world. Five companies challenge you to collaboratively shape the future. Pitch your idea and prototype your solution in 48 hours.  The best solutions have a chance to collaborate with our company partners and receive compelling incentives.

Innovation Days Salzburg 2018 in Photos

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W&H Dentalwerk Büromoos

Find solutions on how to tackle the new balance of power within the healthcare industry between patient, payer and performer from a standpoint of a medical device manufacturer.



How can Sony DADC exploit the potential of uberisation within the 3D printing industry? Identify market opportunities, requirements and develop a business concept that Sony DADC could adapt and expand.



How can we position the “Stiegl Freundeskreis” for our gastronomy customers and/or our “Stiegl Bierversilberer” (sales representatives)?


Bausparkasse Wüstenrot

Challenge 1:  In case of emergency, which services can we provide to restore the daily lives of our customers? How can we  provide initial advice and guarantee a quick emergency cover?

 What services can we provide to help our customers
to avoid any further damages?



Challenge 1: How can our exclusive wine & spirits online shop become more attractice for young people under xy age?

Challenge 2: How can we improve our search function into an automatically learning system? (Synonyms and spelling mistakes: Tomate – Paradeiser; Butter – Buter)


In 48 hours from idea to prototype.

DAY 1 / Pitch & Team Up

Participants pitch ideas company partners, mentors and visitors. Teams form around the ideas. Each team needs to have managers, designers and engineers.

DAY 2 / Work & Get Advice

Participants develop prototypes. Company partners and mentors coach teams.

DAY 3 / Show & Get Support

Participants show solutions during prototype expo. Company partners and mentors judge solutions. Winning teams receive collaboration incentive to work towards proof-of-concept.

April 25

17 Check-In & Networking

17.30 Welcome & Share challenge

18.15 Pitch Idea

19.30 Team Building & Share your team name

20 Discuss the next steps & Network

Open end End of official program

April 26

9 Start to Work

10-17 Mentoring sessions & Feedback coaches

17-19 Presentation intermediate results

Open end End of official program

April 27

9 Work on your idea

10-13 Mentoring sessions & Feedback coaches and companies

14  Finalize your presentation

14.30 Prototype expo

16 Presentation best Ideas (2 min)

18 Jury meeting & Winner announcement

Open end Networking