Innovation Days San Francisco

The Innovation Days San Francisco bring together organizations and entrepreneurial students to create solutions to challenges in 48 hours. The challenges are focused on the role of space for innovation. Innovation is created through connections. Connections happen in spaces.  Join us to fuel new ideas, understand the design of innovation spaces and shape new market opportunities.

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What role could we as Haworth play in corporate incubators, accelerators and startup campuses, and how, through innovative space design and technological integration could we support the future of organizations?

Advantage Austria & Open Austria

Which new services might we offer for Austrian SMEs in the manufacturing sector to help them master digitalization and incorporate new technologies?

Standard Chartered

How might we create new financing and ownership models for smart and connected vehicles?


In 48 hours from idea to prototype.

DAY 1 / Pitch & Team Up

Participants pitch ideas company partners, mentors and visitors. Teams form around the ideas. Each team needs to have managers, designers and engineers.

DAY 2 / Work & Get Advice

Participants develop prototypes. Company partners and mentors coach teams.

DAY 3 / Show & Get Support

Participants show solutions during prototype expo. Company partners and mentors judge solutions. Winning teams receive collaboration incentive to work towards proof-of-concept.

March 29

4:30 Check-In & Networking

5:00 Welcome & Challenges

5:15 Pitch your Idea

6:15 Team building

7:00 Register your team

7:15 Tool tutorial by MindMeister (Optional)

Open end Start to work & Discuss with company partners

March 30

8:15 Check-in meeting

10:00-12:00 Mentoring session

3:00-5:00 Mentoring session

6:00 Update meeting (team leaders)

Open end Work on your ideas

March 31

8:15 Check-in meeting

10:00-12:00 Mentoring sessions

1:30  Submit pitch deck & Set up prototype booth

2:00 Prototype expo

4:30 Feedback from company partners & Presentation winning solutions

5:00-6:00 Network & Discuss next steps


Get support from mentors from our company partners and other experts.

Gabor Nagy
Ideation & Research Program Manager at Haworth

Nina Hoedlmayr
CCO at YodelTalk

Georg Fuerlinger
Co-Director and Technology Officer at Open Austria and Advantage Austria

Oliver Huebler
Vice President of Sales at MeisterLabs

Ryan MacCarrigan
Founding Principal at LeanStudio

Yi He
Associate Professor of Marketing at California State University, East Bay

Peter Mirski
Prof. and Head of Department at Management Center Innsbruck

Sun-Young Park
Associate Professor at University of San Francisco

Manas Mudbari
Founder & CEO at SignalMaven

Andy Heppelle
Principal – Accelerated Solutions Environment at Capgemini

Lance Boyd
Experiential Leadership Instructor at East-West Center

Jenna Nicholas
CEO at Impact Experience


We are looking for more designers & engineers as well as business students with great ideas.

Join the Innovation Days for experiential learning experiences
that will build your skills that you will need to thrive. The best solutions will get a chance to collaborate with our company partners.

Gain experience

Learn with others

Create opportunities

Your opportunities



 & Universities


Thanks to Haworth for hosting us in their amazing showroom.

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