The next 100 years

Started as a small enterprise, grown as a family – Rauch Fruchtsäfte celebrates 100 years in 2019. Grown and matured in three generations, Rauch is still a family business and one of the largest fruit juice producers in Europe.

The challenge

Nowadays there are a number of challenges when it comes to beverages. There is too much sugar, plastic, and pollution:

With regards to sugar, we strive to create products from nature’s fruits for human indulgence that are fresh and healthy. While sugar is great for taste, excessive sugar is problematic for our health.

Related to our environment, we constantly work on the economical, sustainable and careful use of resources. However, the packaging required for juice, creates waste. Compared to water flowing through the water system and available on tab, supplying fruits and distributing products takes a lot of logistical efforts, which puts pressure on nature as our most essential resource.

Other challenges include transportation and energy as well as communication to consumers.

So, what are we looking for?

Your idea can be a new product, an innovative service or a disruptive business model. We encourage you to go beyond merely a new juice or tea flavor. Let’s reimagine how we drink juice in the next 100 years.

Why tackle the challenge?

Rauch Logo

Besides shaping the future of the fruit juice experience of the future, the entire winning team from each stop will get one year’s supply of Rauch beverages. You’ll also get the opportunity for an internship at our Rauch headquarter. For the Vienna stop you’ll get 6 grandstand tickets for the Beach Volleyball Major Series Vienna.