Tourism Data Challenge

In a first step, the Tourism Data Hackathon brought participants together to tackle the challenges of using data for more sustainability in tourism. In a second step, the ideas are turned into prototypes to make them happen.

How it works

We believe complex problems are best solved collaboratively. Let’s ideate and prototype solutions for using data to make tourism more sustainable.

💡 Phase 1 · Ideate

🗓️ 09. September 2022

📍Tourism Data Hackathon

👉 Showcase

🗓️ 14. September 2022



🛠️ Phase 2 · Prototype

🗓️ September – November 2022

📍Data Space Tourism Day

Phase 2 · Prototype schedule

Phase 2 · Prototype mentors

Get support from mentors from our company partners and other experts. 

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Phase 1 · Hackathon schedule

Phase 1 · Hackathon mentors

Get support from mentors from our company partners and other experts. 

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Who should join

Everyone is welcome to join challenge. Participants are employees, experts, students and hopefully you.

👩‍💼 Employees

from tourism organizations, companies, and startups.

🧑‍🔬 Experts

from fields like data science, tourism, sustainability.


👨‍💻 Students

from programs such as data science, computer science, tourism.

Why join

 Join the challenge to collaboratively create solutions to pressing problems.

🤝 Collaborate to innovate

Collaborate with people from other disciplines and organizations from different sectors and regions to explore innovative ideas together.

💚 Contribute to sustainability

This is your opportunity to contribute and make tangible progress on the opportunity to leverage data for more sustainability in tourism.

💰 Make ideas happen

All teams receive mentoring by inspirational leaders. The best ideas get a prototyping budget of up to € 5.000 and support to make your idea happen.

Hybrid hackathon

The Tourism Data Hackathon is a hybrid event. We’ll combine a virtual event with optional in-person components. So you can join virtually from wherever you are or physically from one of our event locations.

Virtual components

The full event can be experienced online with the following tools:

💻 Coordination: Join our slack channel.

⚒️ Collaboration: Keep track of your progress via Miro.

💬 Communication: Participate in meetings via Zoom.

In-person components

We offer the following optional in-person components:

🎒Travel to work in an attractive destination

🏢 Dedicated individual or team workspaces

👨‍🔧 Prototyping in small groups

Hackathon locations


Shape the future at the SCIENCE-CAFÉ during the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2002 “Welcome to Planet B”.


Create new connections and ideas at the Standortagentur Tirol, home of the datahubs for tourism, energy and mobility in Innsbruck.



Do I need to pay to participate in the challenge?

No, participation is free.

Where will the Tourism Data Challenge take place?

The event will be hybrid. Workspace is be available at selected locations.

What language do you speak at the Tourism Data Challenge?

At the Tourism Data Challenge, we speak both English and German.

Who are the participants?

The event is free for everyone to join. Participants will be employees from tourism organizations, experts, and students from computer science, sustainability, tourism, and other relevant fields.

How do you deal with time differences?

The event will run in CET (Central European Time). If participants join from other time-zones, they will have to self-organize work with their team members.

How does the application work?

To join the challenge, you will have to register on our website. If you already have an idea for the challenge, in the application, you will have the chance to submit a video that summarizes it. Otherwise, we will add you to a team.

What if I don’t have an idea to submit?

In this case, we will find a team for you to join.

How do teams work?

At the Tourism Data Challenge, you can join individually or in teams. Teams may have up to 5 people. When submitting the video, you can indicate the names of your team members. Even if you join as a team, all team members need to sign up for the event independently. If you don’t have a team after registration, we will assign you to a team based on your application.

How does the schedule look like?

We will kick off with a hackathon to ideate solutions on September 9th. On September 14th, the best ideas will be showcased in Vienna. Until November, the most promising ideas will get prototyping support.

What kind of support will participants receive at the event?

Teams will have access to a platform showcasing useful resources to progress on the idea. Webinars, check-ins, and office hours will complement the support.

How will the winner be selected?

Each team will have to submit a pitch-deck showcasing its idea and a pitch-video. A jury composed of company partners, experts, and mentors will evaluate the submission based on innovativeness, feasibility, challenge fit, and motivation to continue working on the idea.

Are there any pre-requisites to joining?

No, there is no pre-requisite besides your commitment to attend the full event on the September 9th.

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