Innovation Days Berlin

At the Innovation Days, everyone comes together to create something new – no matter if you are an entrepreneurial student, designer, engineer or business leader. The Innovation Days is where you’ll turn ideas into prototypes in 48 hours. Students from any University in Berlin are invited to join the week-long Summer course on Innovation Marketing around the Innovation Days at the TU Berlin for free.



Open Source Imaging

How might we improve our healthcare ecosystems based on open source medical technology?

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Open Source Ecology Germany

How might we create a developer platform that brings together users and developers of open hardware?

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Scherenmanufaktur PAUL

How might we redesign scissors in the era of Internet of Things (IoT)?

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Open your innovation process and collaborate with entrepreneurial students to foster innovation that benefits your customers, your organization, and our society.

Identify innovation opportunities

Accelerate innovation

Engage current and future employees

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Join the Innovation Days for experiential learning experiences that will build your skills that you will need to thrive.

Gain experience

Learn with others

Create opportunities

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How it works



Companies share their innovation challenge. Participants brainstorm ideas.


Idea to Prototype

Participants pitch ideas and build prototypes. Companies mentor teams and evaluate solutions.



Companies provide collaboration incentive. Participants get support to implement solution.

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Day 1: Ideate

16.00 Check-in & networking

17.00 Welcome remarks

17.15 Companies present challenges

17.30 Pitch your idea

18.30 Team building

19.30 Register your team

20.00 Refine ideas

Day 2: Prototype

8.30 Morning update

9.00 Validate problem

13.00-15.00 Mentoring sessions

18.30 Update meeting

19.00 Improve prototypes

Day 3: Validate

8.30 Morning update

9.00  Test with target customers

11.00 Mentoring sessions

14.00-16.00 Prototype expo

16.30 Presentation winning solutions

17.00 Wrap up

Open end Discuss implementation

Download the full schedule here.


Get support from mentors from our company partners and other experts.

Manuel Moritz
Research Associate at Helmut-Schmidt-University

Florian Waldner
Postdoctoral Researcher at TU Berlin und Copenhagen Business School

Lukas Winter
Research Associate at PTB Berlin

Ingo Boegemann
Researcher Complexity Management

Robert Mies
Research Associate at TU Berlin

Joshua Simon
Head of Business Development e at Rapidfacture

Jeffrey Joh
Associate at Plug and Play Berlin


Thanks to the TU Berlin and the T-Labs for hosting the Innovation Days.

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University partners

The Innovation Days is hosted by the TU Berlin. Students from any University in Berlin are invited to join the week-long Summer course on Innovation Marketing around the Innovation Days at the TU Berlin for free. Join to learn the latest theories on how to market innovation before tackling one of the challenges during the Innovation Days. Thanks also to our other supporting Universities!