InnoDays Bodensee

At the first hybrid InnoDays Bodensee, 100+ participants and 55+ experts came together to tackle the challenges of S.I.E., Rhomberg Bau, and Rauch Fruchtsäfte. Participants turned ideas into initial prototypes in 48 hours. They went beyond the physical and embraced the digital to collaborate as in-person, blended and virtual teams. We hope our company partners and participants will continue the journey of making the ideas happen. With the InnoDays Training participants are invited to meet inspiring corporate leaders and get the support from experts to help you to realize your own potential.

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Participate in the InnoDays Training

The InnoDays Training is a 12-week program  combining online webinars with the in-person 48-hour InnoDays. It equips you with the most useful innovation skills to tackle one of the InnoDays challenges.

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👩‍💻  Webinars

👩‍🔧 Office hours

Each webinar features a corporate innovator who shares their story
of creating innovation within their company. Experts are available to mentor you in-between the webinars.

🗓️ Schedule &

Time commitment

We will have 6 webinars over 12 weeks on Wednesdays from 17:00-19:00 (30 Sep – 9 Dec 2020). Expect to spend a total of 12 hours for the webinars, 1-3 hours of weekly self paced learning & joining the 48-hour InnoDays.

🏋 Optional participation &

🧏  Guest access

We encourage all InnoDays participants to join the free training program to get the most out of the process. If you want to just listen to one or more webinars, you can sign up as a guest here.

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Teams are built based on (1) the ideas, (2) challenge preferences, and (3) the mix of skills. Team leaders have 2 minutes to pitch at the opening.

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Get support from mentors from our company partners and other experts. 

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Hybrid format

We’ll run the InnoDays Bodensee as a hybrid event. We’ll combine a virtual event with optional in-person components. So you join from wherever you are. If you want to work individually or as a team at our location in Dornbirn, we’ll have dedicated space for you and the safety measures in place.

Virtual components

The full event can be experienced online with the following tools:

💻 Coordination: Join our slack channel

🛠️ Collaboration: Get invited to Sprintbase after signing up

📍 Communication: Participate in meetings and and follow our studio program via Zoom

In-person components

We offer the following optional in-person components:

📍Dedicated individual or team work spaces

👨‍🔧 Physical prototyping in small groups

🐕 Walk the dog to meet Spot from the Circular Construction challenge and other outdoor activities


How it works

Why join

We believe complex problems are best solved collaboratively. Everyone is welcome to join the InnoDays. Participants are students, employees, freelances, creatives and hopefully you.

🏅 Create opportunities

Interact with companies to explore career opportunities and build your network. The best ideas get the company partner’s support to make your idea happen.

🛠 Build skills

Work in a team with different skillsets and mindsets to come up with innovative solutions and learn with others. You’ll receive mentoring by inspirational leaders.

💪 Gain experience

Innovation is something you get better by doing it. This is your opportunity to gain hands-on experience by solving critical challenges.

Workspace offer by

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Thanks for offering space to participants

who choose to join in-person in Dornbirn!


Do I need to pay to participate in the InnoDays?

No, participation is free.

Where will the InnoDays take place?

The InnoDays will have a “blended format”. While we encourage in-person participation at the PostGarage in Dornbirn, we welcome participants from all over Austria (and beyond!) as supporting team members.

What language do you speak at the InnoDays?

The opening and closing of the event will be in German. Daily check-ins and mentoring sessions will be in English. Teams can choose to work together in whatever language they want.

Who are the participants?

We will have two groups of participants: students and employees in the Bodensee region, who will join in person; supporting participants who will be remote. We are looking for participants with diverse backgrounds including business, design, and engineering. The only requirement for participation is your full-time commitment during the 48 hours event.

How do you deal with time differences?

The event will run in CET (Central European Time). If participants join from other time-zones, they will have to self-organize work with their team members.

How does the application work?

The application process is two-steps. First, you will have to register on our website. Second, you will have to submit a video that summarizes your idea for the innovation challenge.

What if I don’t have an idea to submit?

In this case, you can apply with a video introducing yourself, your interests and skills, and motivation for joining the InnoDays. Moreover, you will have to briefly explain a trend or inspiration relative to the challenge (e.g. trends in digital health, if that’s your challenge of choice)

How do teams work?

Teams may have up to 5 people and can be created after submitting the application. If you don’t have a team after registration, we will assign you to teams based on your application.

How does the 48 schedule look like?

We will kick off with a welcome session on October 21st. Day 1 will be dedicated to ideation, Day 2 to prototyping, and Day 3 to validation. Teams will have daily check-ins with the lead mentors, and office-hours with experts and company partners.

Are the daily check-ins mandatory?

Yes, daily check-ins are mandatory.

What kind of support will participants receive at the event?

Teams will have access to a platform showcasing useful resources to progress on the idea. Webinars, check-ins, and office hours will complement the support.

How will the winner be selected?

Each team will have to submit a pitch-deck showcasing its idea and a pitch-video. A jury composed of company partners, experts, and mentors will evaluate the submission based on innovativeness, feasibility, challenge fit, progress in the 48 hours, and motivation to continue working on the idea.

Are there any pre-requisites to joining?

No, there is no pre-requisite besides your commitment throughout the 48 hours.

More questions?

Email or write on #questions_to_organizers in the event slack channel

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Supporters & Network partners

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