AI trust challenge

How might we enhance trust in AI Document Processing for chain stores and real estate investors?


About specializes in AI Document Processing (AIDP) for chain stores and real-estate investors, providing advanced solutions to streamline document handling and enhance operational efficiency. This process involves leveraging various AI techniques, such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and computer vision, to handle and interpret both structured and unstructured data from various document formats.


The opportunity

Chain stores and real estate investors can leverage AI Document Processing (AIDP) to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and data management. For chain stores, AIDP automates invoice processing, inventory management, customer record handling, and contract management, reducing manual errors and speeding up operations. Real estate investors benefit from AIDP in lease agreement extraction, property document processing, financial analysis, tenant application screening, and document storage and retrieval. Overall, AIDP reduces operational costs, streamlines workflows, scales with business growth, provides valuable data insights, and ensures regulatory compliance, leading to more informed decision-making and better resource utilization.


Problem to solve

However, building trust in the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated outputs remains a significant hurdle. In the digital age, trust is paramount, especially regarding AI systems handling critical documents. For businesses like chain stores and real estate investors, the accuracy of document processing can significantly impact decision-making and operational efficiency. At, our vision is that nobody needs to ever look into a lease contract again. Hence, we aim to ensure that our AIDP system generates outputs that our customers can trust unconditionally.


How might we enhance trust in the quality of AI Document Processing outputs for chain stores and real estate investors?


This challenge is designed to be approachable for both technical and non-technical participants. It focuses on innovative solutions that can demonstrate and enhance the trustworthiness of our AI-generated outputs.


Technical focus: Quality Assurance and Output Validation in RAGs (Retrieval-Augmented Generation)

For our technical solvers, we are looking for solutions that can incorporate quality assurance and output validation within the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) framework used by our AIDP system. Your task is to conceptualize and build a method to quantify the accuracy and reliability of the outputs generated.

Key considerations include:

– Data integrity: Ensuring the data retrieved and used in generating outputs is accurate and relevant.

Output validation: Developing mechanisms to validate the outputs against known standards or benchmarks.

Quality metrics: Creating quantifiable metrics that can be used to assess the quality and trustworthiness of the outputs.

User feedback loop: Implementing a feedback system that allows users to report issues and suggest improvements, thus continuously enhancing the system’s reliability.


Non-technical focus: Enhancing customer trust through transparency and User Experience

For our non-technical solvers, we are looking for innovative ways to build trust through transparency and user experience enhancements. Your task is to devise strategies or tools that can effectively communicate the reliability of our AI-generated outputs to customers.

Key considerations include:

Transparency: Developing methods to clearly explain how the AI processes documents and how accuracy is ensured.

User education: Creating educational materials or interfaces that help users understand and trust the AIDP system.

Customer support: Designing robust support mechanisms to assist users in case of doubts or issues, thereby reinforcing trust.


Tackle the challenge

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