Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi: Vehicles

How might we design a robust, durable, low-cost vehicle with an innovative and sustainable business model?


The micromobility market is exploding in every big city in the world. The growth of the market is led by the growing need for fast and low-cost transportation of people and goods, especially in city centers.


Micromobility providers address the needs of their customers with multiple solutions, ranging from skateboards, bikes and scooters to tramways, shuttles or ride hailing vehicles. However, some customers’ needs are still uncovered. For example, there are few available options for the delivery of small parcels, and most micromobility vehicles are unsuitable to commute with kids.


At the same time, operating micromobility services is extremely challenging. Issues include vehicles’ durability and maintenance, regulatory compliance, as well as the cost of operations, such as charging and dispatch.


Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi aim to play a major role in the micromobility field, as a provider of robust, durable and low-cost vehicles that meet customers’ needs with an innovative and sustainable business model.


For this challenge, we want you to put yourself in the Alliance’s shoes. Imagine an innovative micromobility vehicle and its associated business model taking customers and operations’ needs into account. The business model should consider that a major car manufacturer will be part of the value chain. The vehicle must have an innovative design to lower production cost and it has to answer the future needs of business partners (B2B scheme) and end consumers, in compliance with increasing growing regulatory constraints.



Collaboration Incentive

The best team will be rewarded with a surprise price. In addition, we invite the most motivated and talented participants for a behind the scenes tour of our Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Innovation Lab and a discussion of how to take your idea to the next level.


San Francisco 2019