InnoDays Vienna

At the InnoDays, everyone comes together to create something new – no matter if you are an entrepreneurial student, designer, engineer or business leader. The InnoDays is where you’ll turn ideas into prototypes in 48 hours.

Given the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll decide on April 15 whether  (1) we’ll  bring the InnoDays Vienna online (if our virtual InnoDays Berkeley experiment goes well), (2) postpone the event, or (3) follow through.

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Why join

For companies: Tackle your innovation challenge

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Innovative ideas

Get fresh ideas by opening up your innovation efforts to co-create new products, services and business models with external innovators.

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Concrete prototypes

There’s no shortage of new ideas. But ideas are worthless without execution. Receive tangible prototypes for your challenges from multiple teams

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Access to talent

Identify the best participants to collaborate or hire. By mentoring the teams you will see who is a good fit for your needs.

For participants: Build your innovation skills

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Gain experience

Innovation is something you get better by doing it. This is your opportunity to gain hands-on experience by solving critical challenges.

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Learn with others

Work in a team with different skillsets and mindsets to come up with innovative solutions. You’ll receive mentoring by inspirational leaders.

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Create opportunities

Interact with companies to explore career opportunities and build your network. The best ideas get the company partner’s support to make your idea happen.

How it works

Before the event

You need to take 3 steps to get ready for the InnoDays before 26 April.

Registration will open mid April

Step 1. Understand

Understand the challenges of our company partners and study the context, the company, and their customers.

Step 2. Inspire

At the InnoDays you can either pitch your own idea or join a team. To register everyone has to introduce themselves in a short video (max. 2 min) with an idea (if you’ll pitch) or an insight relevant for a challenge (if you’ll join a team).

Step 3. Register

Select your favorite challenge during online registration. Teams are formed based on the best ideas, mixing skills and your challenge preference.

During the event

From 13-15 May you have 48 hours to turn your idea into a prototype.

See full schedule

Day 1: Ideate

16.00 Check-in & networking

17.00 Welcome remarks

17.15 Companies present challenges

17.30 Pitch your idea

19.00 Register team & Dinner

20:00 Identify customers & Design value proposition

21.00 Update meeting

Day 2: Prototype

08.15 Morning update

08:45 Define riskiest assumptions

8.30 Verify assumptions

11.30 Update meeting

12.30 Lunch

13.00-15.00 Mentoring

15.00 Build prototype

18.00 Update meeting

18:30 Dinner

Open end Improve prototype

Day 3: Validate

08.15 Morning update

09.00 Design business model

10.00 Mentoring

11.00 Capture pitch on video

12:00 Lunch

14:00-16.00 Test solution during prototype expo

16.30 Present winning solutions

17.30 Discuss implementation


Get support from mentors from our company partners and other experts. 

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Thanks to Spaces for hosting the InnoDays at Square One.

Spaces is a creative working environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

They offer dynamic working areas to help you think, create and collaborate.

Join the InnoDays Vienna

Registration will open mid April



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