Frame your innovation challenge

Every company needs to innovate. But where do you search for innovation? Identifying the right innovation challenge is crucial for any search for new products, services and business models. This workshop will give you the necessary tools and knowledge for framing the right innovation challenge and making your participation in the InnoDays a success. Different exercises will lead you to define the problem, formulate the guiding question and determine the collaboration incentive for participants.

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for companies participating in the InnoDays. It is best suited suited for executives and managers who will represent their company during the event.

Key takeaways

  –   Draft your Innovation Challenge brief to get buy-in from stakeholders

  –   Make sense of your strategic opportunity areas

  –   Learn how to frame your innovation problems into actionable innovation challenges

  –   Align your team towards a common goal and purpose

  –   Gain the confidence that you are tackling the right innovation challenge worth solving during the InnoDays



 –   Innovation types and which problems to tackle with the InnoDays

 –   Mapping your strategic opportunity areas

 –   Decide where to focus

 –   Create the challenge brief

 –   Decide on the collaboration incentive

 –   Wrap-up


Thomas Kohler is the founder of InnoDays. He is a former Associate Professor at Hawaii Pacific University, visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and teaches at WU Vienna, TU Berlin and the Management Center Innsbruck. His research explores how to design effective innovation platforms. By studying and facilitating corporate-startup collaborations, his recent studies show strategies on how companies can interact with startups for mutual benefit. His research has been published in journals such as the Harvard Business Manager, MIS Quarterly and the California Management Review. His passion for entrepreneurship sparked the creation of travel2change, InnoDays, InnoSchool and new ventures with companies like Philips or Kuoni Travel.