Rauch Fruchsaefte

How might we reimagine the fruit juice experience based on the circular economy?




Challenge Brief

Since our foundation in 1919, Rauch transformed from a small factory to pioneering global innovation and became one of the leading fruit juice producers in Europe. Looking forward, we strive to combine innovation and impact to lead our industry towards sustainable change.


Sustainability is a major concern for us as a beverage company and we are pushing several initiatives as outlined on our website. The first issue is related to packaging and we are all increasingly concerned about plastic waste. Returnable glass bottles are not always a viable alternative, since they are breakable, heavy, require intense cleaning and call for twice the transportation effort. The second issue is the CO2 footprint created by distributing products, compared to water flowing through the water system and its availability on tab.


We believe we can tackle the dual issues of packaging and transportation by creating new products and business models. How might we apply circularity to reimagine the fruit juice experience? Which opportunities does digitalization offer for Rauch as a manufacturer, for wholesalers, customers, and consumers? Which business model do we need to create to provide value to partners and the best drinks for our consumers? How might Rauch increase the quality of our customers lives? If it’s a drink, what’s in it? How is the drink of the year 2025 packaged? Is it packaged?


Your idea can be a new product or a disruptive business model. Every challenge also holds the potential for transformative change. Let’s reimagine how we drink juice in the year 2025.


Collaboration Incentive

Besides shaping the fruit juice experience of the future, the entire winning team will receive yearly supply of juice.