How can companies and providers in the cleantech industry solve challenges in a digital marketplace together?

Challenge Brief


The current business landscape calls for a sustainability transformation driven by customer demands and policy changes in the wake of the global climate crisis and industry scandals. A key sector for this transformation is the cleantech industry. It provides technology, infrastructure and storage solutions for various other sectors and is thus substantially involved in all kinds of change projects.


Companies will need to produce and deliver in a more environmentally friendly and holistically sustainable way. In 5-10 years, it will become economically vital for companies to adapt to these changes in the same way they need to embrace digitalization, automation, connectivity, and employee demands. Companies will need a simple, understandable, efficient and effective way to access and utilize solutions, from consultancy through products, process development or materials to expert knowledge. This market need for the near future is insufficiently met currently only by academic institutions and niche providers. solutions, methods, and concepts exist that are not mature enough to tip the market on their own. Hence, the lack of a strong narrative and little visibility of existing solutions leads to a delay in the socially and environmentally urgent change.


Cobiom is the collaborative marketplace for sustainable business solutions. The startup builds on a global network of professionals in Biomimicry, Bioinspired Innovation, Circular Design, Regenerative Business, and Bionik. Cobiom creates a platform for collaborative innovation by matching company needs and provider offers and providing a space for open innovation.

To design a sustainability platform in the area of Clean Tech that adds value for both company clients and providers, we need to understand their needs for communication, collaboration and value exchange. To achieve this, our challenge will start with a roleplay, where you adopt the perspective of either company clients or providers. When you join the challenge on 27 September, an info card will provide you with scenarios for both actors with more details (e.g e-waste, SDG goals etc). As a company client you decide what problem needs to be solved; providers need to create their profile and display it to create a dynamic interaction with providers. Based on the experience in your role, you will enter the creation phase of the Hackathon to shape the service design of the platform and the community of stakeholders. In order to match you into teams for roleplay and co-creation, please provide us with your ideas on how to create tools and formats on a digital platform that helps clients and providers to collaborate on sustainable business solutions.



Collaboration Incentive

From the participants, we select extraordinary individuals who show to be witty, experienced and engaged to join a group of provider associates in the Bioeconomy field. Associates will deepen their insight into the sustainability market and collect valuable experience in dealing with clients, products, and services. As a return, associates are free to attend the Biomimicry Academy training program in 2020, worth 5999 €.



Renzo D’Andrea,