InnoDays #AI-Powered Tourism – Recap

InnoDays #AI-Powered Tourism – Recap

4 Challenges, 130+ talents, 48 hours time: At the “InnoDays #AI Powered Tourism 2024”, the focus was on new ideas to shape the future of tourism.

Vienna, June 5th-June 7th, 2024. “From idea to prototype in 48 hours” – Under this motto, more than 130 creative minds from different universities worked together to develop innovative approaches to solutions leveraging AI in Tourism during the ViennaUp. We continue collaborating with the Österreich Werbung / Austrian National Tourist Office to bring together organizations and talent to develop solutions to this pressing challenge.

Our participants worked on solutions to the following specific challenges:

How might we harness AI to elevate travelers’ Ski amadé experience, especially within the “my Ski amadé Friends Club” ecosystem?

Team TE9 (Alpine Alliance) developed the best solution to the challenge with a AI based personalized suggestions on which slopes to tackle based on the conditions and experience level.

How might we leverage AI to automate the creation of customized travel packages, streamline collaboration with bus tour operators, and monitor competitor offerings to enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency?

Team HO2 (SmartHotel) impressed our jury by developing an AI model for holiday package building. 

How might we enhance collaboration through the Climate Change Cockpit by integrating tools for sharing data and insights among different organizations and experts?

Team CC2 (Crucial Thinkers) won the category by developing a portal that helps tourism player to discover funding opportunities.

How might we use AI to foster net-positive trips to Vorarlberg?

In this category, we had four winners who got awarded prizes for creating solutions to the sub-challenges listed in the challenge brief. Team NPT9 (Eco-Heroes) won the Impact Steps challenge by developing a portal for sustainable Travel Insights, Team NPT7 (Alp Adventure) won the Farm Holidays in Austria category with an App for families and children, and NPT2 (Peak Geeks) won the Bahn zum Berg Challenge with a community to share information about transportation and activities. Congratulations also to NPT4 (Teletubbies) for winning the overall best in category with an app to connect people with nature.

A special mention goes to the winners of the inter-category awards. Team HO3 won the Best startup idea awarded by Vienna Business Agency, Team TE9 the Best Use of AI by Localmind and NPT9, the Movement Data Masters by Invenium.

InnoDays Factbox

– June 5th-June 7th, 2024

– InnoDays brings together innovative minds to develop new solutions to key challenges in 48 hours

– Tasks around the topic of #AI-Powered Tourism.

– All information and innovation challenges at

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