About the Innovation Days

About the Innovation Days

The Innovation Days

Capturing opportunities is more and more important in the increasingly digitized world.  Technology is increasingly embedded into previously non-digital physical artifacts and it’s creating so-called “smart” products. This has also brought together previously separate industries.
98% of companies are adapting to this changed world by changing their business models to gain competitive advantage. It’s not just about companies’ strategy anymore, business models generate cycles that make them operate more effectively.

To guide you in the challenges, there are three aspects to a good business model: Is it aligned with company’s goals? Is it self-reinforcing? Is it robust?

With that we bring you the ‘Innovation Days’ challenges.

Why students should come

  • Creative working in a team of multidisciplined students.
  • Insights into practical approaches through interaction with company representatives.
  • Potential for a supported pilot-project and price from the Science Park.
  • Certification of Attendance.

Why companies should come

  • Innovative ideas and solutions for the company.
  • Potential Pilot-Projects with the winnings team(s).
  • Interaction with students, who have a genuine interest in the company and the market.
  • Integration of the company’s employees as mentors and participants to spark interest for the company.
  • Linking up with creative and entrepreneurial thinking students.
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