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Recap Innovation Days San Francisco 2018

During the Innovation Days San Francisco over 30 participants from Management Center Innsbruck, University of California and California State University East Bay tackled the Innovation Challenges Haworth, Open Austria & Advantage Austria and Standard Chartered. The challenges were focused on the role of space for...

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Recap Innovation Days Sweden 2018

During the Innovation Days Sweden over 100 participants from Jönköping University, Stockholm School of Economics and Linnaeus University tackled the Innovation Challenges of Volvo Cars, trivago and specialDeal. Running in parallel to the digital tourism conference ENTER2018, the challenges were focused on leveraging technology to transform...

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About the Innovation Days

The Innovation Days Capturing opportunities is more and more important in the increasingly digitized world.  Technology is increasingly embedded into previously non-digital physical artifacts and it’s creating so-called "smart" products. This has also brought together previously separate industries. 98% of companies are adapting to this changed world...

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