Recap Innovation Days Sweden 2018

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Recap Innovation Days Sweden 2018

Second Innovation Days Sweden in collaboration with the leading conference on Technologies and Tourism

A fun and intense way to identify innovation opportunities, establish contacts and make ideas happen.

During the Innovation Days Sweden over 100 participants from Jönköping University, Stockholm School of Economics and Linnaeus University tackled the Innovation Challenges of Volvo Cars, trivago and specialDeal. Running in parallel to the digital tourism conference ENTER2018, the challenges were focused on leveraging technology to transform travel experiences.

During 48 hours, participants pitched their ideas, got support from mentors and worked together to develop prototypes to solve the innovation challenges. Mentors with a broad variety of expertise helped the participants develop innovative solutions. Mentors included Thierry Gnych from IBM, Jean-Claude Morand and Lorenzo Cantoni from IFITT or Jan Krasnodebski from Expedia. On Wednesday afternoon everyone was invited to pitch their ideas. Cross-functional teams formed around the best ideas. Then teams got to work to refine their idea, get customer feedback and get advice from the companies and mentors. Under pressure to get their prototype ready, the teams worked long and hard. On Friday it was showtime. Each team got a booth during the prototype expo to share the results with visitors and the companies. The companies and mentors evaluated the ideas and reward the best solutions with an invitation to continue to make their idea happen. The trivago challenge winner for instance got invited to visit the new campus in Germany to meet all the stakeholders who might be relevant to implement the idea. The team “trivago beyond” won the challenge on “How can crowdsourced data like tweets enhance trivago’s marketing strategy?” Karime Zetter, member of the winning team, said: “It was great to see what we could do in such a short period of time and to interact with students from other faculties.” Corinna Breuer, from trivago’s Talent Acquisition, was impressed: “We felt a real entrepreneurial spirit here! The students had great energy and helped us to get a fresh perspective.

The winning team of the Volvo Car challenge “How can we make each trip a journey to remember?” was “Volvo Capture”. By using a system of inbuilt cameras to film and upload it onto social media, the car journey experience should be transformed: “We got the idea because we’ve all experiences driving through beautiful landscape but being unable to record our surroundings” they winners said.”

The special Deal team was most impressed by the team “Boost your growth together”. To implement the idea, the winning team will fly to the Austrian Alps to implement their unique idea.

All three winning teams will now get the opportunity to collaborate with their partner company in order to move towards piloting their ideas. “I’ve had two wonderful days,” said Staffan Davidsson, Senior Innovation Manager at Volvo Cars. “I look forward to the future and working with these students.



3 company partners: trivago, Volvo Cars, special Deal
100 participants from Jönköping University, Stockholm School of Economics,
Linnaeus University
42 ideas pitched
20 teams formed
4 Supporters: Thanks to Destination Jönköping, ENTER2018, Elmia, Scandic
20+ Mentors and Visitors from the ENTER2018 conference and IFITT


Upcoming Innovation Days

March 29-31    San Francisco
April 25-27       Salzburg (AUT)
June 6-8           Innsbruck (AUT)
October 1-3     Hawaii



Download the photos here.



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