How might we enable local restaurants with zero-waste cooking practices?     Challenge Brief Circular.Berlin is a non-profit organization on a mission to accelerate Berlin’s transition towards a circular city. We are reshaping Berlin’s metabolism by developing the local circular economy agenda and its implementation, through research, community-building and...

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How can companies and providers in the cleantech industry solve challenges in a digital marketplace together? Challenge Brief   The current business landscape calls for a sustainability transformation driven by customer demands and policy changes in the wake of the global climate crisis and industry scandals. A key...

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Rauch Fruchsaefte

How might we reimagine the fruit juice experience based on the circular economy?     [embed][/embed]   Challenge Brief Since our foundation in 1919, Rauch transformed from a small factory to pioneering global innovation and became one of the leading fruit juice producers in Europe. Looking forward, we strive to combine...

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